Citizen Forum Zenica

Full name of the association: Citizen Forum Zenica
Abbreviation: -
Address: Bul. Kulina bana 28D, Lamela, 72000 Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 32 241 735
Fax: +387 32 241 735
Web site:

Forum of citizens of Zenica is a non-governmental, non-partisan, multi-national, non-profit organization of voluntarily united citizens of Zenica. It’s primary mission is to preserve the spirit, tradition and identity of the city of Zenica.

Citizens Forum of Zenica was created in late 1992. It was one of the first non-governmental organization established on the territory of B&H.The confidence the citizens had shown in their Association is best shown by the fact that in the first year of existence, more then 10000 citizens of Zenica joined, and as members and institutions of the association they engaged on the preservation of multi-ethnicity, security of citizens and their property, as well as on the problem of the survival of the most endangered categories of citizens. Even then, in order to realize these goals cooperation with international organisations was established, and trough UNHCR, humanitarian aid was secured.

Unlike some NGOs, which are focused on one or two areas of interest, the Citizen Forum of Zenica has a broad area of activity, which is presented in our Statute trough 18 segments of activities.
Through USAID, in 1997. 5000 guidebooks about apartment privatization were financed, and the project “Incentives for social and economic development in Bosnia and Herzgovina” that was realized with the help of ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies) .
The other important segment of CFZ is the organisation of round tables and seminars. In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Zenica a two day seminar was organised for entrepreneurs from Zenica, during which around a 100 businessmen were educated in the usage of development loans.
A group of economic experts, formed by CFZ , developed and handed to the municipal authorities, a project of organizing small businesses in Zenica.

The Forum was the creator and administrator of “The meeting of old and deserving citizens of Zenica” with the Mayor of Zenica, from 1998 through to 2010.

The activities of the Association are:
Preserving traditions and historical heritage, work with children and young people, social programs with a focus on marginalized groups, support of development of sport and culture, community development through educational and informational programs, advocacy through advertising and realization of civil campaigns, project planning and management, publishing activity, cooperation with other organizations and institutions.