Educational Center Istočno Sarajevo

Full name of the association: Educational Center Istočno Sarajevo
Abbreviation: ECIS
Address: Ilidžanske brigade bb TC Dobrinja 4, Istočno Sarajevo 71123, Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 65 043 800
Fax: -
Web site:


Educational Center, abbreviated  ECIS (acronym of Educational Center Istočno Sarajevo)  was founded in December of 2014. , and officially started with work on  01.01.2015. . After the official start the Association has been joined by more members, and their number keeps growing steadily. Of course, the association is open to all those who wish to and are able to help in making our our place to live a better and more beautiful one.


The mission of the Educational center – ECIS is to promote knowledge as a primary element in creating a realistic and broader picture of key issues, and to contribute with the merger of knowledge capacity to the strengthening of the consciousness and moral criteria of civil society, associations and individuals, as well as the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region.


Our vision is an open society that has a clear perception and understanding of real issues, and to comprehend problems as they are, and that involves into solving these issues trough decision processes in public life. Our vision is a society of knowledge, or a society that will know how to recognize and solve key problems, and to make Bosnia and Herzegovina a better place to live in.