Association “Centers for local development and diaspora”

Full name of the association: Association “Centers for local development and diaspora”
Abbreviation: CLDD
Address: Registered at: Rade Radića 139, 78 000 Banja Luka,BiH; Coordinator office: Branilaca BiH, bb 79 280 Ključ, BiH
Phone: +387 37 660 154
Fax: +387 37 660 154
Web site:
The centers for local development and diaspora in Bosnia and Herzegovina , acted like a semi-government organization from 2004. With the aim of developing local communities, with the accent on establishing communication with our citizens in diaspora, and the support to their investments in local communities, as well as their integration into communities, after their voluntary return. From August 2013. We are registered as a non-government organization at the state level, with offices and subsidiaries that act in Ključ, Banja Luka, Srebrenica and Ilijaš. Based on practice and learned methodologies, while working as a semi-government organization, which acted with the support of the administration of the City of Stockholm and the municipalities in which the offices based their activities, CLDD continues its work from 2013. , through a series of activities and projects of support and help to the displaced persons, refugees and repatriates.
CLDD offices provide the following services in their everyday work with clients:

1. Work in local communities:

a) Everyday informational and consulting services, and logistical support to clients in the offices (writing requests, pleas, applications, help with gathering the required documentation etc.)
b) Education about different subjects (IT courses, educational workshops for children and youth, medical examinations for the elderly citizens, education for agricultural manufacturers, inclusion and others)
c) Infrastructural projects
d) Humanitarian activities
e) Development of agriculture

2. Work with our citizens in diaspora:
CLDD has a specific work methodology with our citizens in the diaspora. With the Federation, associations, cultural and artistic associations and individually we have a quality network of communication with our citizens in diaspora. Establishing connections, help and support for solving their needs and problems are done by phone, internet or directly in the offices during their stay in BiH, as well as all other forms of communication. The evidence of communication and support of individuals wishing to voluntarily return or invest in BiH, is taken in the form of electronic journals, and the continuity of work with the clients is maintained.