Association for rural development in BiH

Full name of the association: Association for rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Address: Stjepana Radića bb, 72250 Vitez
Phone: +387 65 255 655
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 The Association for rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a voluntary, independent, non-government, politically unaligned, non-government and non-profit organization.
The goals and activities of the association are : help and support in raising the awareness and knowledge of individuals an the community about the need of living in tune with nature; work on the development of ecological and organic production of agricultural products in rural environments; strengthening of rural tourism; effort on the protections of consumer rights on purchasing domestic products, as well as planting and seed material; work on establishing cooperation with the authorized institutions, with the purpose of creating strategies for rural environments in Bosnia and Herzegovina; commitment to the promotion of active participation in the creation of agrarian politics on all levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina; help on finding the finances to improve agricultural production, creation of infrastructure object, and the acquirement of agricultural mechanization; commitment to the protection of agricultural land from the ecological standpoint, with the aim of increasing organic production; commitment to representing the members of the association and providing technological help and consultation to them, in line with the Law; work on the creation and implementation of IPARD projects on BiH level; work on the preservation of natural resources and protection the natural habitats of plants and animals in rural environments; commitment to introducing the standards of quality and safety of agricultural products; work on proposing changes and additions of relative regulations to the authorized institutions, that can influence the production and placement of agricultural products; commitment to the organization of exhibits, manifestations and fairs with the goal of promoting domestic agricultural production ; publishing brochures, pamphlets , books and bulletins with the aim of achieving the associations goals, in line with the Law; work on the establishing cooperation with scientific and research institutions in the country, with the aim of introducing and implementing new technologies, as well as enhancing the quality of agricultural products; work on organizing mutual appearances on regional and international exhibits and fairs of all the association members; cooperation with same or similar associations, unions, legal persons and government institutions , with the purpose of achieving the associations goals, in line with the Law;