Association of mediators in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Full name of the association: Association of mediators in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Address: Šenoina 1, 71000 Sarajevo
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Association of mediators in Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in the March 2002. With the aim of creating the conditions for the introduction of mediation as an alternative method for dispute resolution. The association wishes to provide the possibility of quick and effective dispute resolutions to the citizens, and to help them come to a solution that will satisfy all the parties in the dispute, and to help courts reduce the number of residual cases, and in the long term the flow of cases into courts.ACTIVITIES

  • Providing mediation services
  • Providing training services for mediators and mediator certification
  • Providing the services of special training programs for judges, lawyers, mediation users and other interested parties
  • Keeping track of the latest achievements in the field of mediation in the region and the world, and connecting with similar organisations.

The membership of the Association of mediators currently consists of judges, lawyers, educational workers, psychologists, journalists and people of other professions who gained the skill and abilities to help other in conflict resolutions. The association has 6 trainers with years of experience in teaching about mediation, conflict resolution and negotiations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Canada.

The association was registered with the Ministry of civil affairs and communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( today this register is maintained by the Ministry of Justice BiH) on the 5th of November 2002.