Center for development of civil society in BiH

Full name of the association: Center for the development of civil society in BIH
Abbreviation: CRCDBIH
Address: Nemanjina broj 60/1, 74000 Doboj
Phone: +387 53 227 238
Fax: /
Web site:
Center for development of civil society in BiH (CRCDBIH) is registered with Ministry of Justice BiH, number 08-07-1-500/09 from 09.06.2009. and acts on the entire BiH territory.

Our vision is BiH as a full-fledged member of the EU. We are aware that this takes a lot of effort and time, but we also wish to give our small contribution to the accomplishment of this goal.

Mission: the association acts on the creation and promotion of human rights, the fight against corruption through the ACCOUNT network, providing consultation services to individuals and organisations whose rights were violated, the protection and improvement of the environment and publishing informational and analytical material by which we contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law in the state.

The association works on the following projects: Free legal help to invalids and immobile persons, Free legal help and consulting in the legal disputes that include children, anti-corruption networks ACCOUNT FOG-2 ( project partner ) Watch dog team: Monitoring the employment in Public institutions and monitoring the processing of cases of corruption.

We are the member of the following networks/alliances : Anti-corruption Network ACCOUNT, Justice Network BiH, Network for building Peace, Network Global agreement in BiH , Citizens for Europe, Rural Development Network etc.

Bečirović Esad, president