Evaluation society in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Full name of the association: Evaluation society in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Abbreviation: Eval u BiH
Address: Marka Marulića 2C, 71000 Sarajevo
Phone: /
Fax: /
E-mail: contact@bheval.com
Web site: www.bheval.com
The association is established to serve wide community of those interested in development of evaluation theory and practice as one of the key means of development of culture of accountability and transparency within BiH society.

It serves as a hub or support to, first of all, evaluation professionals, than government and civil sector, by providing sharing of knowledge and good practice from within and outside the country.

In the field of evaluation, the association promotes:

  • Promotion of theory and practice, usage and uderstanding of monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • Strenghtening of professionalism within field of M&E
  • Networking of professionals and organizations to improve sociaty M&E knowledge base
  • Promotes evaluation as a mean to effectiveness and accountability
  • Engage different groups from non government, government, academia into evaluation discussion
  • Promote linking M&E activities to the budgets at different levels of government