Movement for Support of Justice and Human Rights

Full name of this association: Movement for Support of Justice and Human Rights
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Address: Ferhadija 11, 71 000 Sarajevo, BiH
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Movement for Support of Justice and Human Rights is a non-government, non-profit organization that acts on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Activities of this Association are based on the values of social equality, solidarity and the rule of law, as well as the support to the democratic development of the society through help to activities and projects that promote tolerance, the free exchange of ideas, and regional and international cooperation. Improvement of the quality of life and the social inclusion of citizens is one of the basic principles of work, and insisting on the realization of the complete respect for human rights, as well as the help and support to projects that aim to help the socially endangered groups, work on informing and research of the current state in the areas of justice and human rights, and work of the authorized institutions on these matters, and support to the implementation of project that aim to improve the transparency of work of public institutions, as well as prevention and decrease of corruption.

Goals of the association are:

  • Help in work on projects which are aimed at prevention of poverty and social exclusion in BiH, as well as assistance to the most vulnerable groups of BiH’s population
  • Work and activities aimed at preventing or decreasing social risks that can occur in different areas of social life;
  • Advocating for promotion of equal opportunities, as well as complete achievement of rights for all citizens;
  • Work on development and strengthening of civil society as a clear indicator of the level of democratization;
  • Work on promotion and support for projects of active participation and inclusion of citizens in the work of non-governmental organizations;
  • Work on projects of assistance in combating corruption and advocating for increase of transparency and accountability of authorities, in line with the Law;