D3- ENG : Tahmaz-Pijalović, Fatić, Hamzić i Radmilović



Support to creation a common economic space for BiH and the region, support to the social and economic movents in BiH, as well as scientific and expert activities which are aimed at social, economic and legal reforms on these areas. How to create new work places, develop agriculture and increase export. How to work with the authorities so that representatives from the European Union and investors talk not only to the authorities, but also with citizens and non-government sector. These subjects were the theme for the discussion on Dnevnik 3, and the guests were : economist prof. dr. Velma Tahmaz-Pijalović, Fadil Fatić, deputy director  of the Agency for statistics of BiH, and representatives of the “Horizon 2024″ : architect Salih Hamzić  and jurist, Dejan Radmilović, .